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Why "As Is"?

The biggest misconception in Real Estate Auctions is condition. "As is" DOES NOT MEAN "falling down" - far from the truth!  Many of our Auction properties are Newer Homes.

So why do we sell them "As Is"? Simply, to give all Buyers an even & fair playing field. And Simply, to give all Sellers an even and just way to accept offers.

It would be difficult to have multiple offers with varying degrees of condition.

Buyer # 1 wants the Seller to fix everything and may pay more.

Buyer # 2 wants only the nails straightened, and will give less.

Buyer # 3 will take the property like it is and pay a different price.

Where does it end? How would a Seller decide which offer to take?

In conventional Real Estate sales, typically a Seller is looking at one offer from one Buyer, thus it is easy to decide if the Seller will accept the Buyer's requests for changes. AS-IS in an Auction, gives Everyone and even playing field. It would be unfair to do it any other way. And the only way to make it Fair for everyone, is sell the Property "As Is"

Don't be swayed by hearsay. Don't let the words "As-Is" keep you from looking. Come & Visit our Auction properties. Look for yourself to see if this is a home you would like. Decide for yourself what "As-Is" can really mean. We typically have Open Houses on each of our homes on the 2 Sunday's prior to the Auction Date and an Open house 1 hour prior to the Auction. That's the only way you can tell if you want the property. Bottom Line - go check it out!  You don't want to find out at the Coffee Shop or from friends and family that you missed out on your next dream home! 

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