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Straight from the Auctioneer


Jay Litchfield Aug. 2nd, 2013


I believe our customers want auction information, not company propaganda. I don't feel that many people care about the silly, bloated, buttered-up propaganda that companies provide about themselves.


Our goal is to provide you, the Buyer, with the information you need to make a decision to purchase at an auction. Until you have seen with your eyes what we are selling, how will you know if you are interested? We ask that you take the time to look. And if you have questions, please feel free to call or email.  918/639-7653


For our Selling clients, Auctions are complex & simple, science & art. This web site is built for our Buying customers. We respectfully ask that you allow us the opportunity to explain our vision of your auction. Give us a chance to answer your questions personally either thru a consultation meeting or phone call.  918/639-7653


Our services, what do we do? AUCTIONS, 100% Auctions. We believe that the Auction Method of Selling anything and everything is the most effective method to realize "True Market Value".


We hope to see you all in the future at a Bid Loud Auction.


We have removed "the About Us" section of this website. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words as they say. So here are a few pictures. Would love to hear your comments.



Jay Litchfield

'the Auctioneer'



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